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I've got an email and promised to post it

Daisy:  Hi. I enjoyed reading your blog and you have my congratulations on your baby.

I am responding to the post on your blog of February 19, 2007 containing a YouTube video entitled "Americans are not Stupid".  Your blog settings do not allow me (an unregistered user) to comment directly on the Blog site. 

First, let me apologize that I cannot write to you in the Serbian language.   One area in which Americans are indeed not knowledgeable is world languages.  Most Americans can only speak English!   Sometimes when I travel I hire interpreters, and I am jealous of my European friends that all seem to be multilingual. 

But surely you are smart enough to recognize that the video is a joke?  Anyone who knows even a little about the USA would know that the video does not represent the USA.   Here are some facts to consider:

1. The per capita GDP of the USA is about ten times that of Serbia.  Do you know what that means for how we live? Do you know what it took to accomplish this?
2. All of this technology that enables your blog (the Internet itself, YouTube that shows the video, your computer, Microsoft Windows) was invented in the USA.
3. The best students from every corner of the world come to American Universities because American Universities are widely recognized as being the best in the world.
4. American companies are the most successful in selling goods and services outside of their own home country. This trend is continuing--every year the percentage of American companies' profits that are derived outside the U.S. grows.   If Americans did not even know the difference between Australia and Korea, then how could we be so successful at creating profitable businesses in other countries?
5. One of your blogs is critical of Monsanto's invention of genetically modified crops.  But do you feel that such genetic engineering could have been accomplished by people that are so unintelligent that they do not even know the difference between Australia and Korea?

Speaking of Korea:  During a visit to Korea, a man stopped me and asked me a question about American history.  After I gave him the answer, I learned that he was just testing me--he already knew the answer.  Did he ask me the question because someone had told him that Americans are stupid and so he wanted to see for himself?  Maybe he watched the video on your blog and thought it was real? 

Americans make a lot of mistakes and are no better or worse than most people in the world.  But we are are not like the people in the video!!

Best Regards,

Eric in the USA

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25/02/2009 17:00